Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Kesavan, my good friend in college, introduced me to vegetaranism. Well, I did not really get influenced by him but decided to give it a try nonetheless. I was a vegetarian for over 4 years. It is not that my skin cleared up and glowed or anything like that. I still got pimples - may be cause I am too lazy and expect miracles by trying a new thing once or twice. ;) I got back to eating non-veg when I fell sick in Chennai for the first time, ending up with dehydration. To gain back my strength, I had lamb paya almost every other day. The truth is, non-veg is real tasty. And soon after I tried all my favorite non-veg dishes, I decided that I had had enough and turned vegetarian for a while again. Once I started going out with Prashanth, I started eating non-veg. You see, it is not feasible to order veg and non-veg when there are just two people to eat the dishes and you will agree more if you know how much I eat. ;) But I've had enough again. Especially after I have seen the way people treat the animals that are about to be killed. Humans need to be butchered that way, it is only then that they will understand the pain involved. Have you ever seen the scooter carrying the chickens to the chicken centre? It is so pathetic. All of them hanging half dead with their feet tied and their bodies squeezed. Have you ever really heard and felt the fear in the hen's voice when it is taken out of the cage? There are so many vegetable available, why don't you try those rather than wanting meat all the time? You will have more variety.

I truly believe that people can do without killing innocent animals. Many people who want meat tell me that the numbers of these animals will go above the human population indices. My answer - so what? Their requirements,including space, are far less than ours. They don't need luxury villas or cars. Their carbon footprints are far less than ours.

I know that many people still wont agree with me and I am not trying to force my opinions on you. I just felt like writing about this. It would be my humble request to you, try opting for a veg meal atleast once.