Friday, April 3, 2009

IT companies and campuses in villages

IT companies need to seriously rethink on settling in cheap villages. Seriously, it is just a productivity hit. Why? Wait.. wait.. I shall give you an example. Consider the life of an employee working in the an office in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore. The cabs start around 7 in the morning. Hence, the employee reaches work by 8:15am. He then checks his mails for 30 mins or so and heads off to have breakfast. After 45 mins to an hour, after discussing the headlines for the day, he comes back and checks some more mails. He then does work, may be. Then comes lunch time. Once again, he discusses some more headlines and gets back to his cubicle only to check more mails, browse the internet, etc. And these companies have their cabs start early to beat the evening traffic. At 4:00pm, he goes to his friends' cubicles and asks them to pack up so that they don's miss the cab at 4:30pm. And he reaches home early enough, staying in office for shorter periods of time and doing lesser work than otherwise.