Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The TWO REAL EVILS in today's world

Is it not obvious? Can you not guess? Can you not see? Well.. I will tell you.. In my opinion, they are MONEY and RELIGION. I wonder why did man ever come up with these two things. All human beings are equal. They come into the world the same way and leave the same way. Why then do we need to distinguish based on which religion one follows, whether one prays to stones/trees/water/etc., or a cross or the Quran or some prophet or some holy person? Why can't people see that all these are man-made and hence are no basis for distinction or discrimination? It irks me to see people fighting to prove that their religion is the way of the lord. Who said there is a lord God anyway? When neither can prove the existence, why can they not just live and let live? Religion does not help me go about my daily activities. I wake and go the bathroom just like every other Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Buddhist. I don't go to the toilet or take a bath or go to work or clean my house just cause of the religion that I follow or belong to. But, the good that I see.. humans are getting killed in wars and suicide bombings, etc. This is a good thing cause they deserve to die - atleast for the way they treat the other living things in this world. There needs to be some way to control the population right? Especially with the standards of living going up and the average existence increasing.
Coming to the second evil. I know that competition, anger, jealousy are all natural feelings, in-built in each and every one of us. But all of us are the same. We need food to eat, air to breathe. When all of us get air for free, why should we not get food to eat for free? Why can we all not get clean water to drink? Why can't atleast the basic amenities be provided to all for free? Why do I need to have money to get the basic necessities? Money brings in racial discrimination. Money is looked at a source of power which is often misused. Should not everything be equal? Should we not share what we get for free? If I have excess, can I not give it away rather than wanting more and more? When will this wanting stop? Is there an upper limit for our wants? If I have enough clothes to wear, why do I still want the type of dress that is in fashion, when there are so many who don't have a single complete outfit to wear? It is not that I don't have desires, but someday I would like to see a changed world - a world in which there is no poverty, everyone has a house to stay in, food to eat, clothes to wear, clean water to drink.
I am trying to improve myself and control my desires. But I think I alone can't change the world, I hope I am doing my bit.