Friday, April 3, 2009


Who the hell coined out this term? Where the hell is this so called society when I am facing pain? Where the hell is this society when I suffer loss?? All the society does is take from an individual and tax him into doing things beyond his capacity. Think of the poor farmer who takes huge loans on his land to get his daughter married, just because society expects to hear a huge dowry and attend a lavish reception. Where the hell is this society when his daughter is divorced and back in his house? Oh yes, I will tell you. The society is busy spreading evil things about the girl.. the same girl with whom their child played and grew up.. the same girl who they all admired for her skills...

Does this society not feel for those who don't have? Does this society not feel fortunate to have got so much for free? Does this society never want to do their bit for the earth that has given them so much? Are there not so many other important, pressing matters to get this society involved in?

Society is there for me only when I am happy and I don't really want it. Society is never there for me when I am sad and want to talk to someone and offload my burden. Why then should I care about the society? Why then do my parents care so much about this useless society? Can I not be different? Will this society not let me be different?