Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Training at HP campus at Electronic City, Bangalore

I was in complete awe when I walked into the HP campus at electronic city near Gate 1. It is such an amazingly beautiful campus, with so many trees and greenery around. What's more? They have signs to use a handkerchief and avoid paper towels, they provide only steel tumblers for water, only coffee/tea mugs and no papers cups. Moreover they use recycled water for watering and maintaining the lawns. It is a really beautiful place. It reminded me so much of IIT. For once I did not really miss IIT. I agree that there are not as many trees but it was a bliss to be there, to be able to hear the beautiful birds chirping. There also was a beautiful waterfall - all well planned. I wish I was a part of HP Globalsoft such that I went to that campus everyday. The tea they provide is awesome too - real tea - boiled!! Not the horrible tea bag tea. The space is more open with a wonderful ambience. GRTP in Whitefield does suck.
Oh btw, I did notice quite a few trees-to-be on the outer ring road on the way to mahadevpura post. I am really glad to have noticed something positive about Bangalore[Bengaluru]