Friday, April 3, 2009

Chennai versus Bangalore

I've heard hundred people talk about the heat in Chennai. Have all these people really lived in Chennai for more than a week?

Have these people taken a walk in Bangalore during April around 12 in the afternoon? My skin burns in Bangalore. It never did so in Chennai. I walked a lot in the sun in Chennai. People talk about how cool Bangalore is. I wonder if these people really know what cool is.

The traffic is so bad in Bangalore. This so called "silicon valley" of India sucks at planning. There is no planning whatsoever. Traffic moves inch by inch almost throughout the day. And the air is so polluted that there is a pinkish cloud hovering in the skies, almost every night. I never saw this in Chennai. I guess the sea took all the pollution to clear the air in Chennai.

Bangalore has just grown enormously but has not really developed. You do find so-called supermarkets everywhere which dont really have everything and are just equivalent to a general merchant or provisions store.

Another thing about Bangalore is the number of wine shops. You will find one on every street. How do people feel safe here?

I am not sure if the problem is with me or if it is the others, but I just can't stand the place nor the people in Bangalore. I miss Chennai a lot. I miss my friends in Chennai. I miss IIT. I miss the trees, the deer, Gurunath and cup noodles.