Saturday, June 19, 2010

Outdated!! Am I?

Well, if you have been reading my blog, you will know that Pras and I are now the proud owners of a second hand alto. (It's actually funny that now I can't stop saying hubby or husband rather than Pras/Prashanth) Since Pras does not have hands on driving experience, we've been going on short drives near our house so that he gets a hold of changing the gears, managing the clutch and accelerator with his feet as well as handling the steering wheel all at once. Last weekend, after the lessons, we went to total mall. As we entered, I was asked to open up the boot and I said I did not know how to open up the boot - basically I thought it had to be done like in old M800s as that's the only car I have really driven around for most of my life so far and I was too lazy to get out and open it up. They let me in by checking via the back seat.
Today, after having had a minor accident - for which both of us are at fault - I shouted at Pras and he hit the HIGH foot path while taking reverse. Fortunately, nothing serious - a small tear in the mud flap :) - we went to fill petrol. I was asked to open the tank and I dutifully got off the car to open the tank with the key as in the cars I've known so far. Sadly, there was no keyhole :( I felt like a fool. The guy working at bunk called me to the driving seat and showed me where the control to open the fuel tank flap was available.
After these two incidents I feel like may be Aditya, my colleague, was right. May be I am really "outdated" (in his words). It is not a nice feeling..... :(

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9th

Looks like June 9th is bound to be an eventful day every year for Pras and me :) My friend Sakthi, never forgets to remind me of these important days in my life. He did call me y'day morning too, telling me that it was a special day and I was wondering what it was. I was already feeling low cause of the number of things I had missed while making changes for a SERIOUS bug. Once I had had a talk with my manager, things in my head cleared up and I saw that it was the very day on which, 3 years earlier, Pras and I had met with an accident. We had been to two movies and had a lovely time together. We were riding back from Subway in Besant Nagar, when a speeding bike crashed into us as we were crossing the road. Pras did not get even so much as a scratch. I fainted like twice and remember seeing things in green. I could make out Pras's face but could not see his eyes or nose or mouth. I was in so much pain that I could not feel pain. Anyways, it was a very minor accident. I got away with some bruises. However, the guy who crashed into us ended up with a fracture. I got 10 days off from work thanks to my swollen knee. However, this fracture did bring me close to Binu whom I really respect for his brains. And guess what, Binu is getting married end of this month. Am so excited about his marriage. It is nice to know that people who really need some love in life are finally getting married after not accepting it for a long long time.
Well, that was about June 9th in 2007.
Y'day Pras and I went to collect the second hand alto in Koramangala. We had gone there on Pras's bike thinking that I would drive back the car alone. However, we drove back together leaving the bike at the consultants' place. After a late lunch, we took a bus to HSR BDA complex, from where we had planned to take an auto to Koramangala to get the bike back. However, just as the bus was approaching the stop, it started raining cats and dogs, just like in Ooty. I have never once got wet to the bone in Ooty - thanks to the luxury that my parents have bestowed upon me. I did get wet once in Chennai - was returning home after having watched Blind Date in satyam cinemas along with Sakthi and Nirmal. Well, since Pras and I did not want to get wet, we bought tickets to the last stop that the bus was headed towards which, was not too far, Central Silk Board. The bus driver stopped in the middle of nowhere and asked us to get down. Pras got down from the door at the back. However, I was unable to get off as the ladies in front of me did not want to get wet in the rain. A frustrated driver, closed the doors and took the bus, made a U-turn and stopped the bus on the other side of the road. Pras could not find me and hence called me but I was too busy trying to get off the bus. I did try calling him as I got off but my phone battery gave up. The thing here is that Pras did not know that the bus had taken a U-turn. I now had a choice of waiting in the bus shelter feeling guilty that Pras will be tense or I could run across the flooded road in the heavy rain and find Pras. Well, as most of you know me, I ran across the road. By the time I found Pras in one of the many shelters at Central Silk Board, I was completely drenched and I could not stop laughing. I kept laughing till we got home :) From Silk Board we took an auto to Koramangala, handed over address proof letters to the consultant for transfer of ownership of the car and then rode back home on the bike. We then had yummy hot maggi with an omelette for dinner.
It feels great to get wet to the bone in the heavy rain, more so when the rain reminds you of home. I miss Ooty. I love Ooty. I would still do anything to go back there. Just wish Pras would love Ooty as much.