Monday, January 9, 2017

Men don't listen, Women don't read

Long time since I showed the blog some love - been super busy and lazy too. So here's one to shake things up a bit.

With the festive season, many companies come up with competitions to show team spirit and add some cheer to the workplace. Mine is no different. We had a Christmas Pod Decoration Competition. While initially the plan was to donate the 150$ that we would have got for the materials needed for decoration, a team member suggested doing it as a fun team activity. Everyone agreed and we started thinking of a theme. One of the pod members volunteered to get us pine trees, which his brother in law wanted cut anyway, and from there the theme emerged - an enchanted forest.

Now, in this world of pictures, how can one miss those of warm white lights wrapped around trees? I had just that on my mind and insisted that we use the kitty money to buy loads of warm white lights. Volunteers for shopping came back with multi coloured led lights. And here lies the fact - "Men don't listen".

Closer to the date for decorating, I insisted on returning the multi coloured lights for warm white lights. With the team's approval, off I went to the store and picked up the pack which read "Warm White Lights". At the counter, the sweet ol' lady asked me the reason for return and I said "Men don't listen". She falls in love with me and on the receipt prints "Team member bought the wrong one".
With my stubby nose in the air and proud of getting what I thought I wanted, I get back to the team who is deep in decoration and start to open up the packs and the horror! I had picked up a pack of Solar lights - in fact, I had two packs as I was so excited that I picked up another one. I had to go back to the sweet ol' lady and tell her "Women don't read" as the reason for returning the warm white lights and taking back the same multi coloured lights that my team mates had initially bought. She was kind enough to print "Don't want solar" on the receipt.

And after all this - no, we did not win but it was a very good team building activity.