Friday, March 2, 2012

Too Busy To Care

I first started blogging to at least try to retain the little vocabulary that I still do possess. I think my vocabulary has shrunk since school and there is not a time that I don't think about Pamela Rodricks to whom I am ever grateful. Coming to the point, it feels great to be able to blog for a good cause. BlogAdda has given me this chance. I recently registered and found the "Too Busy To Care" contest.
am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society
I stay at a distance of about 10 kilometers from work and I take the outer ring road to get to work. There are many times when my heart has shrivelled up at the sight of a poor dog lying in a pool of blood on the road. It is even worse when rash drivers who can't give a damn, reduce the body to a part of the road. How we humans make a huge noise if it is one of us who has been hit by a speeding vehicle. What about those poor voiceless creatures? Are their lives not as valuable? We outnumber them. Many a time I've felt like getting off my cab and placing a diversion sign to at least show the poor creature some respect. But, it has mostly been when I've been on the way to work and I don't have the needed equipment and then I wonder how I could have the equipment handy all the time. But, bottom line, I've never actually done anything about it except thought. I am from a middle class family and definitely love my pocket money that comes at the end of every month, a.k.a my salary. I wonder if I could get over these thoughts and really do something for the poor voiceless creatures.

And then you hear about the BBMP wanting to take up the culling operation as the number of stray dogs across Bangalore has risen drastically. Well, here again, is this not because of us humans that they thrive? They totally depend on us humans for their food. But, majority of the people want the culling operation to take place. I think that if they responsibly took care of their garbage, that itself will help in keeping a check on the number of strays. Here again, with the help of a good friend at GreenPeace I started researching on the ways to file an RTI to stop the BBMP from passing this resolution. I am glad that the court has a stay order on the operation. Well, the RTI website for Karnataka is almost completely in Kannada, a language which goes beyond this tiny head of mine. I did try getting help but never truely followed up. I was trying hard to find out to whom should the RTI application be directed. My friend found out that we need to file the RTI application to the health department. So we did succeed there. However, with our professions taking priority, we've not got a chance till date to actually work on the RTI application. Sometimes our personal reasons come in the way. It is not a very difficult task to file a RTI application but the more specific the questions and the more research done, the better the response from the officials. I do hope that this, at least, I do once my friend is back from her current work assignment.

I feel a sense of relief after typing out this post and am ever thankful to BlogAdda and Jaago Re for giving me this opportunity. I do realize that I've still not really achieved my target nor helped those creatures yet.