Saturday, July 26, 2014

Following the father-in-law's footsteps - a movie review

A comedy drama worth watching once if you are a hard-core Dhanush fan or are missing the yesteryear Rajinikanth.

Directed by: Velraj
Amala Paul

I fell in love with Dhanush after I heard "Why this kolaveri di", though '3' failed to impress me.  However, as I started watching more of his movies and listening to more of his movie songs, including those which he has lent his voice to, even before kolaveri happened, I sensed repetition. And after seeing all the raving about Vellai Illa Patadhaari on the internet, I reluctantly agreed to watch it for our weekend movie. Listed below are what I liked and what I did not like about the movie. 

  • Comedy
  • Awareness about organ donation
  • Awareness about the sad state of affairs in the country where engineers from all other fields are forced to take up an IT job.
  • Catchy music
Dislikes :
  • Repetition - have seen most of what Dhanush had to offer in most of his other movies.
  • Repetition - have seen most of this good guy always succeeds through hardwork in almost all of Rajinikanth's movies
  • Dhanush is trying to follow in his father-in-law's footsteps by introducing a lot of "style" 
    • When he speaks out the entire dialogue about how real people struggle to climb up the ladder and are crushed by the rich kids. 
    • When he gets his cigarette lighted up from the very guy that he beat up
  •  A scrawny Dhanush beating up a group of people, including when he takes off his shirt 
  • The same Dhanush who could remember that the next door girl lied about him lying drunk on the street can't remember that the same girl had said that she liked "Raghu" to "Karthik".. Aaargghhhh!!
  • Music seems repetitive too though it is catchy