Friday, April 3, 2009

Cost cutting verrsus greener planet

All employees of so called MNCs need to change their thinking. I agree companies are on a cost cutting mode, but can you not see the brighter side of it all?

Do you miss those paper cups on top of the water dispenser? It may be due to cost cutting reasons but think about the trees which have been saved, the energy that has not been wasted on recycling those extra paper cups.

Finding it irritating to use the hand dryer instead of the paper towels/napkins? Have you ever heard of a handkerchief? It is a good time to get those handy pieces of cloth out of your closets and start using them. Best part of it all, they are definitely recyclable ;) The electricity used by the hand dryer may not be from a clean/renewable source of energy so try avoiding that too.

Please start thinking of the environment. If not for your sake, for the sake of your children/nephews/niece.