Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Smart yet innocent nephew ;)

My mom has this nailcutter from Indonesia - which for aesthetic reasons, has a cover. It is all baby pink in colour :P My mom had used it yesterday and left it on the bed. My nephew who loves jumping on the spring mattress[which is fairly new] in my mom's room, strolled into the room, found the nailcutter and played around with it. The cover fell off. My nephew, cute li'll thing, is totally scared that my mom would yell at him. He takes the cover to my mom, and tells her

"The hand broke it.. the hand did it Mini[he calls my mom Mini ;) ].. Chi Chi hand"

P.S. Chi Chi - meaning bad or dirty.

As he was telling her this, he was hitting his hand with the other hand....

So so cute :) But I wonder if he is so smart as to say such a thing and get away or is it his innocence to not know that it is his own hand :)

Holiday season '09

Well well well.. the holidays are finally here - one of the advantages of working in a US based company :) I am looking forward to having my in-laws over for a few days - however, I am really scared. No, not cause they are evil, in fact I have the best in-laws. But, I am a very moody cook - so I am like - I have got to make sure the food is good enough - all 3 meals in a day, for 4 days... this is really freaking me out. Nonetheless, apart from the visit, I plan to find out and get myself vaccinated against cervical cancer - did not know that a vaccine has been in existence for the last 2 years. If you are a lady and you are reading this, and if you are between 20 and 30 years of age, please do consult your gynec about this vaccine. Cervical cancer is the 2nd highest cause for death in women after breast cancer. I also plan to get a lasik surgery done to correct my eyesight - spectacles have been hoisted on my nose since I was in the 2nd standard :P Just a bit scared about this as well... not sure if this will help prevent further weakening of my left eye.

Anyways, happy holidays everyone :) Merry christmas and a very happy new year :)