Monday, April 20, 2009

A week to go before I am "married"

I've not really been keeping a count on the number of days but I do know that days are going by and I think there's a week left now. Sometimes I am so happy and excited - waiting to show the entire world that Prashanth is now finally mine, and there these times when I get so upset and feel low. I really don't know why I feel this way - usually it starts off cause someone whom I really like tells me that they can't come to witness one of the happiest days in my life, the day my love will be victorious legally ;) And there the times when I am wondering if I will be able to do justice to the new in-law roles - daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and co-sister. I am sure that I will be a good wife - I will just follow my mom's footsteps and I damn well know that my mom is a perfect wife. I did not get along well with my brother's wife and so this things frightens me a lot. No-no, it's not that I am a bad person but I can get real frank and easily irritated with minor things. Anyways, let's see how things turn out...

A land of a thousand suns - Khalid Hosseini

Thanks to a Nargis, I did get down to reading the book. It is a wonderful book. It expresses the cruelty to the female sex in Afghanistan with the changing political environment in such a way that pulls the strings of your heart. It irks me to think that there are men out there who look down on women, think low of entertainment - even playing chess!! It irks me that people fight for land, money, etc. too and I do know that there are many such people around me. I am glad that the book ended on a positive note. I am so glad that Laila and Tariq do end up together[I am the filmy sorts ;)] On the whole, it is a book worth reading. The language is simple and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Training at HP campus at Electronic City, Bangalore

I was in complete awe when I walked into the HP campus at electronic city near Gate 1. It is such an amazingly beautiful campus, with so many trees and greenery around. What's more? They have signs to use a handkerchief and avoid paper towels, they provide only steel tumblers for water, only coffee/tea mugs and no papers cups. Moreover they use recycled water for watering and maintaining the lawns. It is a really beautiful place. It reminded me so much of IIT. For once I did not really miss IIT. I agree that there are not as many trees but it was a bliss to be there, to be able to hear the beautiful birds chirping. There also was a beautiful waterfall - all well planned. I wish I was a part of HP Globalsoft such that I went to that campus everyday. The tea they provide is awesome too - real tea - boiled!! Not the horrible tea bag tea. The space is more open with a wonderful ambience. GRTP in Whitefield does suck.
Oh btw, I did notice quite a few trees-to-be on the outer ring road on the way to mahadevpura post. I am really glad to have noticed something positive about Bangalore[Bengaluru]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The TWO REAL EVILS in today's world

Is it not obvious? Can you not guess? Can you not see? Well.. I will tell you.. In my opinion, they are MONEY and RELIGION. I wonder why did man ever come up with these two things. All human beings are equal. They come into the world the same way and leave the same way. Why then do we need to distinguish based on which religion one follows, whether one prays to stones/trees/water/etc., or a cross or the Quran or some prophet or some holy person? Why can't people see that all these are man-made and hence are no basis for distinction or discrimination? It irks me to see people fighting to prove that their religion is the way of the lord. Who said there is a lord God anyway? When neither can prove the existence, why can they not just live and let live? Religion does not help me go about my daily activities. I wake and go the bathroom just like every other Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Buddhist. I don't go to the toilet or take a bath or go to work or clean my house just cause of the religion that I follow or belong to. But, the good that I see.. humans are getting killed in wars and suicide bombings, etc. This is a good thing cause they deserve to die - atleast for the way they treat the other living things in this world. There needs to be some way to control the population right? Especially with the standards of living going up and the average existence increasing.
Coming to the second evil. I know that competition, anger, jealousy are all natural feelings, in-built in each and every one of us. But all of us are the same. We need food to eat, air to breathe. When all of us get air for free, why should we not get food to eat for free? Why can we all not get clean water to drink? Why can't atleast the basic amenities be provided to all for free? Why do I need to have money to get the basic necessities? Money brings in racial discrimination. Money is looked at a source of power which is often misused. Should not everything be equal? Should we not share what we get for free? If I have excess, can I not give it away rather than wanting more and more? When will this wanting stop? Is there an upper limit for our wants? If I have enough clothes to wear, why do I still want the type of dress that is in fashion, when there are so many who don't have a single complete outfit to wear? It is not that I don't have desires, but someday I would like to see a changed world - a world in which there is no poverty, everyone has a house to stay in, food to eat, clothes to wear, clean water to drink.
I am trying to improve myself and control my desires. But I think I alone can't change the world, I hope I am doing my bit.


Kesavan, my good friend in college, introduced me to vegetaranism. Well, I did not really get influenced by him but decided to give it a try nonetheless. I was a vegetarian for over 4 years. It is not that my skin cleared up and glowed or anything like that. I still got pimples - may be cause I am too lazy and expect miracles by trying a new thing once or twice. ;) I got back to eating non-veg when I fell sick in Chennai for the first time, ending up with dehydration. To gain back my strength, I had lamb paya almost every other day. The truth is, non-veg is real tasty. And soon after I tried all my favorite non-veg dishes, I decided that I had had enough and turned vegetarian for a while again. Once I started going out with Prashanth, I started eating non-veg. You see, it is not feasible to order veg and non-veg when there are just two people to eat the dishes and you will agree more if you know how much I eat. ;) But I've had enough again. Especially after I have seen the way people treat the animals that are about to be killed. Humans need to be butchered that way, it is only then that they will understand the pain involved. Have you ever seen the scooter carrying the chickens to the chicken centre? It is so pathetic. All of them hanging half dead with their feet tied and their bodies squeezed. Have you ever really heard and felt the fear in the hen's voice when it is taken out of the cage? There are so many vegetable available, why don't you try those rather than wanting meat all the time? You will have more variety.

I truly believe that people can do without killing innocent animals. Many people who want meat tell me that the numbers of these animals will go above the human population indices. My answer - so what? Their requirements,including space, are far less than ours. They don't need luxury villas or cars. Their carbon footprints are far less than ours.

I know that many people still wont agree with me and I am not trying to force my opinions on you. I just felt like writing about this. It would be my humble request to you, try opting for a veg meal atleast once.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The other side of my life

Almost everyone knows how a software engineer's life would be. So, here I account some memories from the other side of my life :)

I am so thankful that I got such loving parents who gave me almost everything and let me do whatever I wanted to do. It is not that they did not stop me from doing certain things but I am happy they did so. But parents in India don't really understand one thing, that the more you stop your child from doing something, the more the urges to do exactly that. :) Well, I had such urges. Thank god I woke up on time :) My parents let me work. I enjoyed working in Ooty. I just love Ooty. It was 3 years of fun. Nilgiri Networks is a fantastic place - to work as well as make friends. Since it is a small company, you get to learn a lot of things and grow fast. There used to be a lot of freedom. I can not forget the games that we played. I joined the guys when they played cricket. I always played badminton. I used to go home with pants and shoes all muddy like I'd toiled in a field the whole day. I used to be sent to Chennai pretty frequently on official trips[cause the main office was there - inside the beautiful IIT-M]. Initially, I was not sure how my parents would take it, if I told them that I wanted to move to Chennai. My initial plan was to move to Chennai for a few months to enjoy independence ;) Unfortunately, the branch office in Ooty was closed down and I had to move to Chennai with no plans of coming back to Ooty. I did everything on my own without giving my parents much control cause I did not want to be stopped ;) My dad did tell me to stay back so that he could get me hitched but fortunately he gave me one year's time :) I am almost reached 2 years before things finally worked out between Prashanth and me. I moved to NMSWorks, Chennai and was there for almost 2 years. I loved those 2 years though I used to be depressed most of the time. I made so many friends in Chennai. I can not fail to mention Usha, Jemimah, Ambareen, Aruna, Priya, Radha, Sakthi, Nirmal, Ismail, Abu, Senthil[Peter], Monian. I had a flat of my own and never really had to ask anyone permission to do anything. I could go to the beach when I wanted. I could go for a late night movie with my room mates without having someone worrying about me and me having to feel guilty about it. I remember waking up early and going for walks along the beach with Prashanth. Sometimes we walked inside IIT. IIT is a beautiful place, with loads of trees[I wish they would not cut down the trees as they have started doig so lately] and deer. There are quite a few stray dogs off late. There are cute squirrels. I've only heard about the snakes. I loved riding on those roads. It is funny how we don't feel like doing things when we are asked to do them :) I hated my parents telling me to go to the temple on my birthday and other special occasion. But there was something about the IIT temple. I loved spending Saturday evenings there. No one told me to go there. I went there on my own.

There is something about going to a supermarket. It fascinates me. I can spend loads of time in the supermarket, just looking at the various things available for sale. It was a favorite weekend timepass for me in Chennai.

Another weekend timepass was going to Usha's place on Friday night, stuffing myself with delicious food and waking up early the next morning to have some coffee having the sea in front of my eyes and then going for a long long walk along the beach. Oh and I remember the walks I took with Usha, in the hot sun, every afternoon to have tea at staff canteen after lunch :) I got hooked to walking, yoga and tea - thanks to Usha :) I really miss Usha now.

Another thing that I can never forget is the walks that I took with the various people whenever I needed a break. Mostly it was Sakthi and Nirmal. But there were others like Jeyastin and Radha. I totally admire Mr. RadhaKrishnan[Radha in short]. He is a true gentleman in the way that he deals with women and the fairer sex and always made sure he took time out for his kids and wife. He brought his daughter, Smriti, to our office outings and took care of her so well.

My blog posts may be real mixed up but that's just cause the thoughts in my head are that way - may be I am one mixed up person :)

Me n music

I just love listening to music. Well, the type of music I listen to differs with my mood. I am a very moody person. Many of you, who know me well, will agree ;) There was a time when I could not get enough of BackStreet Boys, Boyzone, Spice Girls, and all love songs... but now, I hardly can listen to those. They usually pull me down. I prefer peppy numbers - no matter what language. The music and beats are what matter. It is not that I don't listen to love songs at all, I do like them but.... I listen to them but I can't figure out when I really like them. Nowadays almost all songs sound the same to me. None of them really stick in my head. Well, there are some exceptions like "Tujh mein rab dikhta hai" from RNBDJ.. I really don't know what it is about that song but I could just keep listening to it without getting bored.

On the other hand, here are a few of my favorite artists...
I love Abba, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, ol' Kishor da numbers, Ace of Base, UB 40, Boyzone, Backstreet boys, Spice girls,Bryan Adams, Roxette, Michael Jackson, BeeGees....
I love the songs Kal ho na ho[Kal ho na ho], Tujh mein rab dikhta hai[RNBDJ], pal pal dil ke pass[blackmail], minnalai pidithu[from shahjahan], Mama[Spice Girls], I believe I can fly[R. Kelly], Summer of 69[Bryan Adams], The one[BSB], Everytime[Janet Jackson], Reach[Gloria Estefan],The more you give, the more you get[Boyzone], All that matters[Boyzone], Father and son[Boyzone], Jai ho[Slumdog Millionare]

These are quite a few which come to my mind right now.. There are many many more. I have been shifting base these last few years and have somehow lost quite a few of my favorite songs but thanks to the internet, I manage to find them one by one as I remember them :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chennai versus Bangalore

I've heard hundred people talk about the heat in Chennai. Have all these people really lived in Chennai for more than a week?

Have these people taken a walk in Bangalore during April around 12 in the afternoon? My skin burns in Bangalore. It never did so in Chennai. I walked a lot in the sun in Chennai. People talk about how cool Bangalore is. I wonder if these people really know what cool is.

The traffic is so bad in Bangalore. This so called "silicon valley" of India sucks at planning. There is no planning whatsoever. Traffic moves inch by inch almost throughout the day. And the air is so polluted that there is a pinkish cloud hovering in the skies, almost every night. I never saw this in Chennai. I guess the sea took all the pollution to clear the air in Chennai.

Bangalore has just grown enormously but has not really developed. You do find so-called supermarkets everywhere which dont really have everything and are just equivalent to a general merchant or provisions store.

Another thing about Bangalore is the number of wine shops. You will find one on every street. How do people feel safe here?

I am not sure if the problem is with me or if it is the others, but I just can't stand the place nor the people in Bangalore. I miss Chennai a lot. I miss my friends in Chennai. I miss IIT. I miss the trees, the deer, Gurunath and cup noodles.


Who the hell coined out this term? Where the hell is this so called society when I am facing pain? Where the hell is this society when I suffer loss?? All the society does is take from an individual and tax him into doing things beyond his capacity. Think of the poor farmer who takes huge loans on his land to get his daughter married, just because society expects to hear a huge dowry and attend a lavish reception. Where the hell is this society when his daughter is divorced and back in his house? Oh yes, I will tell you. The society is busy spreading evil things about the girl.. the same girl with whom their child played and grew up.. the same girl who they all admired for her skills...

Does this society not feel for those who don't have? Does this society not feel fortunate to have got so much for free? Does this society never want to do their bit for the earth that has given them so much? Are there not so many other important, pressing matters to get this society involved in?

Society is there for me only when I am happy and I don't really want it. Society is never there for me when I am sad and want to talk to someone and offload my burden. Why then should I care about the society? Why then do my parents care so much about this useless society? Can I not be different? Will this society not let me be different?

Cost cutting verrsus greener planet

All employees of so called MNCs need to change their thinking. I agree companies are on a cost cutting mode, but can you not see the brighter side of it all?

Do you miss those paper cups on top of the water dispenser? It may be due to cost cutting reasons but think about the trees which have been saved, the energy that has not been wasted on recycling those extra paper cups.

Finding it irritating to use the hand dryer instead of the paper towels/napkins? Have you ever heard of a handkerchief? It is a good time to get those handy pieces of cloth out of your closets and start using them. Best part of it all, they are definitely recyclable ;) The electricity used by the hand dryer may not be from a clean/renewable source of energy so try avoiding that too.

Please start thinking of the environment. If not for your sake, for the sake of your children/nephews/niece.

IT companies and campuses in villages

IT companies need to seriously rethink on settling in cheap villages. Seriously, it is just a productivity hit. Why? Wait.. wait.. I shall give you an example. Consider the life of an employee working in the an office in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore. The cabs start around 7 in the morning. Hence, the employee reaches work by 8:15am. He then checks his mails for 30 mins or so and heads off to have breakfast. After 45 mins to an hour, after discussing the headlines for the day, he comes back and checks some more mails. He then does work, may be. Then comes lunch time. Once again, he discusses some more headlines and gets back to his cubicle only to check more mails, browse the internet, etc. And these companies have their cabs start early to beat the evening traffic. At 4:00pm, he goes to his friends' cubicles and asks them to pack up so that they don's miss the cab at 4:30pm. And he reaches home early enough, staying in office for shorter periods of time and doing lesser work than otherwise.