Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Chennai

When I was a kid, I always told my mom that I would never marry anyone who is from a hot place like Coimbatore or Chennai. I had visited Chennai on a school trip and hated it. We stayed in a youth hostel and got brown coloured water to drink. However, I ended up doing my bachelor's degree from Coimbatore and working in Chennai - all out of my own free will. What's more? I can not stop praising these 2 cities. Coimbatore is a nice city to live in - kind of a prosperous place. Chennai is an awesome place compared to Bangalore, where I currently am put up. I felt very safe in Chennai. I DON'T feel safe in Bangalore.

Well, I convinced my husband, and we went last weekend to Chennai. I was so excited about the whole trip. I was on a high. The heat never bothered me except for 5 minutes on the way to Sathyam cinemas - we got lost and were trying to find our way[lot of diversions cause of the so-called infrastructure building]. Sathyam cinemas has changed a lot from when I left Chennai but it is beyond comparison with the INOX/PVR in Bangalore.

The beach is such a lovely place to go to. The vastness of the ocean makes me feel so small and my problems much smaller that I get back riding the wave. It does depress me to see that people don't keep the beaches very clean but is that not the case everywhere? I wish I was more bold to tell every person I saw throwing paper or rubbish onto the road, that he/she was doing wrong.

Lunch at Tiffany's in IIT was really good. Somethings never change. Oh, but they have increased the prices quite a bit.

We spent a lot of time with the NMSWorks folks - and it never felt like I did not belong there. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I love this about the place and the folks there.

After dinner, I enjoyed getting out of the A/C restaurant - the warm, balmy air hugging every inch of my body. It made me feel so welcome. I was so happy to be back "on my turf". We rode back to the guest house in a light drizzle. Now, can you think of doing this in Bangalore? It is too cold to really enjoy it.

Somehow I don't think I will ever change my views about Chennai. I guess, you never realise the goodness of the place unless you experience it yourself. Who knows, sometime in future, when I move from Bangalore, I may end up saying Bangalore is a good place too...

Moody Moody

I know that I am a very moody person. I don't need anyone to second that. Infact, things are better these days. It used to be worse when I was in Chennai. My mood swings were very popular with the team in which I worked. People were always not sure of where they stand when it came to me. It irks me to have hurt someone unknowingly and I did it just yesterday again :( I am still feeling guilty. The funniest thing is that the whole morning I was low and spoke harshly to my team and the rest of the day I was my usual chirpy self. I need to learn and put into action, how not to be moody and even if I am in a bad mood, not to take it out on some poor innocent soul.