Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The other side of my life

Almost everyone knows how a software engineer's life would be. So, here I account some memories from the other side of my life :)

I am so thankful that I got such loving parents who gave me almost everything and let me do whatever I wanted to do. It is not that they did not stop me from doing certain things but I am happy they did so. But parents in India don't really understand one thing, that the more you stop your child from doing something, the more the urges to do exactly that. :) Well, I had such urges. Thank god I woke up on time :) My parents let me work. I enjoyed working in Ooty. I just love Ooty. It was 3 years of fun. Nilgiri Networks is a fantastic place - to work as well as make friends. Since it is a small company, you get to learn a lot of things and grow fast. There used to be a lot of freedom. I can not forget the games that we played. I joined the guys when they played cricket. I always played badminton. I used to go home with pants and shoes all muddy like I'd toiled in a field the whole day. I used to be sent to Chennai pretty frequently on official trips[cause the main office was there - inside the beautiful IIT-M]. Initially, I was not sure how my parents would take it, if I told them that I wanted to move to Chennai. My initial plan was to move to Chennai for a few months to enjoy independence ;) Unfortunately, the branch office in Ooty was closed down and I had to move to Chennai with no plans of coming back to Ooty. I did everything on my own without giving my parents much control cause I did not want to be stopped ;) My dad did tell me to stay back so that he could get me hitched but fortunately he gave me one year's time :) I am glad...it almost reached 2 years before things finally worked out between Prashanth and me. I moved to NMSWorks, Chennai and was there for almost 2 years. I loved those 2 years though I used to be depressed most of the time. I made so many friends in Chennai. I can not fail to mention Usha, Jemimah, Ambareen, Aruna, Priya, Radha, Sakthi, Nirmal, Ismail, Abu, Senthil[Peter], Monian. I had a flat of my own and never really had to ask anyone permission to do anything. I could go to the beach when I wanted. I could go for a late night movie with my room mates without having someone worrying about me and me having to feel guilty about it. I remember waking up early and going for walks along the beach with Prashanth. Sometimes we walked inside IIT. IIT is a beautiful place, with loads of trees[I wish they would not cut down the trees as they have started doig so lately] and deer. There are quite a few stray dogs off late. There are cute squirrels. I've only heard about the snakes. I loved riding on those roads. It is funny how we don't feel like doing things when we are asked to do them :) I hated my parents telling me to go to the temple on my birthday and other special occasion. But there was something about the IIT temple. I loved spending Saturday evenings there. No one told me to go there. I went there on my own.

There is something about going to a supermarket. It fascinates me. I can spend loads of time in the supermarket, just looking at the various things available for sale. It was a favorite weekend timepass for me in Chennai.

Another weekend timepass was going to Usha's place on Friday night, stuffing myself with delicious food and waking up early the next morning to have some coffee having the sea in front of my eyes and then going for a long long walk along the beach. Oh and I remember the walks I took with Usha, in the hot sun, every afternoon to have tea at staff canteen after lunch :) I got hooked to walking, yoga and tea - thanks to Usha :) I really miss Usha now.

Another thing that I can never forget is the walks that I took with the various people whenever I needed a break. Mostly it was Sakthi and Nirmal. But there were others like Jeyastin and Radha. I totally admire Mr. RadhaKrishnan[Radha in short]. He is a true gentleman in the way that he deals with women and the fairer sex and always made sure he took time out for his kids and wife. He brought his daughter, Smriti, to our office outings and took care of her so well.

My blog posts may be real mixed up but that's just cause the thoughts in my head are that way - may be I am one mixed up person :)