Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inkaar - a review

What does one do to make a movie work? Put together two good looking people, add in some hot scenes and voila, there you have a perfect disaster. Well, that's Inkaar for you. A movie worth every miss, except if you are a Chitrangada Singh fan. Honestly, the woman can't act for nuts. Yeah, she does look sexy and hot but please save that accent. That don't buy me.

The story line is, well... ummm.. I don't think there is any real story. Come on, tell me, how hard is it to tell some one that you like/love them? Does one throw a sexual harassment case on someone with whom the relation has turned sour? Is sleeping with the boss the only way to get what one wants? If only all of us were in jobs where the bosses were waiting to get laid. Okay, I'm just kidding.

The promos screaming "Sexual Harassment" bought me and I was waiting to watch the movie. Protrayal of the female as the "taken for granted" and made to bear the brunt, is how it usually goes. Here, the lady gets what she wants, and at her will moves between cities. The surprise element for me was how it ended, with the guy quitting and heading back to his roots.

Okay, so what's nice in the movie. There's got to be something. I liked the way the movie is shot as a narrative. There's a touch of reality with witnesses taking sides. Deepti Naval's sarees are beautiful but the role does not do justice to her talent.

All in all, a good one to miss.


  1. Also note that per the movie, people in the advertising world, spend more time on parties and socializing than work itself! What a life!


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