Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A poem that echoes my thoughts

I was ecstatic to hear from my friend about her daughter winning the prize in a poetry competition held during the Youth Health Mela 2013 in Chennai. She shared with me her daughter's work and when I read it, I was proud to have such a lovely parent, who was bringing up her children the right way, as my friend. The poem echoed my thoughts to the tee and was written so well. She just had to win.  Her poem breathes life into naturalist David Attenborough's warning that humans have become a “plague on the Earth”.
Reading this poem gave me hope for the future.

So with her permission, here's the poem.

Earth’s Agony

On one night, I had a dream
So true and so real it did seem
I came to a moonlit forest, deep
A black scarfed woman, there, did weep

I went near and could hear her cry
“Oh! How lovely, how beautiful was I!
My skin was smooth and soft, but now
Its been worked out with hoe and plough”

“Scarred and marred, is now my face,
Which once had shone with youthful grace…
Oh! How I had once sung blissfully...
But now, its nothing but my agony”

She sobbed and wept and it touched my heart
I went nearer, “I’ll comfort her,” I thought.
“What’s your name?” I asked childishly
“I’m Mother Earth” she said patiently

Yes, by her answer, my eyes did blink!
But her worries I couldn’t yet link…
“Why are you crying?” I asked her,
“Do you need some help my sister?”

“And who are they who trouble you?
And why do they your beauty slew?”
“They are none but you”,  she told me
“It’s you and your kind that trouble me”

“My Nature has many plans for you
But harm and no good is all they do
They ripped and tore my Ozone cloak
And in CFC and acid, it they soaked…

Global warming is melting me down
I used to be green but now I am brown…
My forests they cut and my pets they kill
Yet their desires won’t satisfy still…

My seas, my eyes are filling with tears
They are no more blue, but black I fear…
My soil I gave for cultivation space
And all my leaves, for flocks to graze…

But what do you give me in return?
Smoke from vehicles and the fuels you burn”
“All day long I suffocate and cry
But no one hears me, I’d rather die.

I hope you see that if you harm me
It’s YOUR END that’s soon gonna be...”

Saying this, she was gone, just as my dream
                                                More than Just a ‘Story’, it truly did seem.

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