Monday, November 9, 2009


The "pich-pich" climate in Bangalore, these last few days, brings back memories of the "very dear" Niligiri Networks. The way we all used to huddle around the "antique" heater [which Ismail always wanted to sell off to Mohan's :) ] and warm our feet or Ismail would use to dry his wet clothes. The gossip, Suja's chai.. playing with the "bambarams" from the cheetos packets - I don't believe I used to eat so much and that too junk most of the time. The all-time favorite second breakfast of bun n butter from the local bakery - playing carrom.. playing badminton.. playing cricket... taking walks with various different people.. the kadalai mittai that Partha and ADS never forgot to buy me.... Bike rides!!! Yaay!!! Riding in the rain... Biking on my scooty pep.... the treats of pizzas, choclate croissants, chocolate log.. the list is never ending... oh and how can I forget the "togetherness"? The fights that I had with Ambareen on bugs...

I truly miss all you guys... Ismail, KP, Navin, Siva, Jayanthi, Suja, Murali bhai, Kishor, Ambareen, ADS, Partha, Nanda, Senthil, Abu, Rags, Hema, Lavanya, Selvi, Shiju.... I am glad I got a part of all this as my hubby - B.Prashanth :)