Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am not perfect!!

It has been a while since I found the time to blog. Though my schedule is as hectic as ever, I deserve a break. :) Every one of us are entitled to our opinions and judgements[I am not a very judgemental person though I can be very opinionated]. When it comes to poverty, I can be very nasty. It is not my fault that I may be better privileged than many others around me. However, that does not entitle me to be ignorant of the suffering of others around me. No, I don't feel guilty that I am more privileged. It is just that I feel for the under privileged and their suffering. I do try to do my bit for such people via donations/buying clothes for street kids/buying expensive biryani for street kids. I am not trying to show off or any such thing here. All I am saying is that I am doing my bit. I am happy with what I have and I don't want more and more. Yeah, but I am a human being and I can get greedy. But, is it entirely wrong on my part to be greedy sometimes just cause I feel that people should not be ignorant towards the needs of the under privileged? Does my feeling entitle me to be so austere as to not enjoy my privileges within my means?
Is it not ok for me to eat out at an expensive restaurant once in a while? Or do I need to donate all my earnings? Just cause I feel that the better privileged should help under privileged people?

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