Sunday, November 8, 2009


Most companies nowadays talk, advertise and advocate "Innovation". And this one word is given a lot of importance in the team that I am in too. I was told that it would be the deciding factor for the performance grades and that did put a lot of pressure. It has kind of forced me to try to be innovative. I have been seeing other people and their innovations and have been thinking 'Now, how did he get that idea?', 'Am I not creative?', 'Why did I not think about that?', etc.. I also bought books on how to be innovative,etc. However, I don't think I have succeeded in the past one year :( I happened to watch this video by some Allan guy on, about thinking simple... Now, I am overusing my head to think like a child[as children think simple?] - to see how a child would perceive what my eyes can see, to rekindle the childlike curiosity and hopefully after all this, I will someday be innovative.

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