Friday, March 8, 2013

Chapter 4 - the butterfly sets awandering

Disclaimer : Same as that in the previous chapters

Some insight : The interest in my posts has dwindled but that wont deter me from continuing :) Understandable. It is quite hard to maintain the continuity and writing style. Mid-way that I am, in the journey of this series of posts, I realize that if I had better exposure to the internet during this phase I'd have been a different person. The broadband internet phenomenon hit me very late and now I am addicted.

Now, back to the actual post..

One year of independence and freedom was decided. Moi had one more year to impress and win. Did she?

Well, it was an eye-opener for Moi who had taken for granted every daily chore that was done for her. Chop, cook, clean, wash dishes, wash clothes, iron the clothes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, clean the kitchen top and on top of all this make it to work on time and DELIVER. Weekly grocery shopping  was done at the local grocery store who gave free karuvapillai/curry leaves and coriander or at the hep supermarket where they make one think that they've got a good bargain.

On the trusty scooty, Moi "ooru-sootified" around Adyar, Velachery, IIT, Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur. These were Moi's "addas". And Sathyam Cinemas! Blind dates every Thursday, double dates on some random weekend and the night shows.

When Moi got like-minded roomies, off they went for late night movies. That was Moi's moment of independence, one that will always be cherished. Oh and not to forget the money spent at the Dollar Shop in Besant Nagar. The solution to any kind of depression - shopping for stuff that you really don't need but think you do.

Through this phase, roomies came and roomies went. Friends stay to this day. Lessons learnt

  1. Getting a good like-minded room-mate is equal to finding a life partner. If you succeed in getting a good room-mate, you've found a friend for life.
Pras was always swinging from one side to another. One year passed, extension was obtained with the intent of moving on. This would not have been possible without the friends. Did Moi move on?