Monday, June 1, 2009

My first trip to Ooty as Mrs. alongwith my Mr. :)

Well, I knew from the start that it will take Pras sometime to get used to my family and the formalities. I only hope he does not take forever ;) But, he did get along very well with Guddu[my nephew]. My nephew refused to come to me but went on kissing this fellow on his cheeks :( Grr...
Well, it was great to be in Ooty and for the first time "I WANTED" to wear a saree :) We attended Nanda's wedding in Srinivasa Perumal Kalyana Mantapam. Was good to meet all our friends one more time and spend time with them. Pras showed me his NN's first office and where he sat when joined Dr. TAG. Somehow, you may feel you know a person very well, but there is always something new to be learned :) The day just sped by and I just hated the comments I got after the trip, about MOI!! Pras told me that I should change the way I talk. I know that it would be a shock for him to see the real me at home. For those of you who don't know me - I am a very frank person and can be very blunt at times. I am very blunt with folks at home. I also tend to get rude - this usually happens when I am very close to a person. So, Pras wants me to change this. I never comment unless it is for the benefit of others. I never mean any harm or try to gain anything for myself. If it is for my own benefit, I generally shutup. My mom has been trying for many years to make me a diplomat and now add one more person to that list - my husband :)

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