Friday, March 14, 2014

Where I introduce you to my bucket list!

So today is an interesting day for a number of reasons. From today, I get to press the cursor keys one more time whenever asked for my age. Oh what happiness! 
And(here comes the best part) it is a year since we touched down in the land of the Hobbiton. Aha! That's something to be really happy about. Aha! And so it means that I also get back to blogging with this post. Smile! 
Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined a life different from my mother or even away from my mother for that matter. And here I am now, gloating with pride that I am now quite well settled across the Indian Ocean (oh and the Tasmanian Sea) ticking off quite a few items on my bucket list for the one life that I am gifted with. Bear with me cause you may have seen such lists but mine is different - true to the fickle minded Piscean nature my bucket list is never the same. He He.
  • Move and settle comfortably in a new country. At least as comfortable as it was back in Bengalooru.
  • Live alone for sometime to get in touch with the inner you
  • Jump out of an airplane at 16500feet - this was never on the list but once I did it, it had to be here
  • Grow your own vegetables - hmm.. at least I got started and managed a few tomatoes, green chillies, basil, coriander, mint, green beans. Not sure if the bell peppers, eggplants and papaya will survive
  • Reduce the daily caffeine intake - half tick for this one
  • Explore the outdoors EVERY weekend - well almost "every"!
Soon I'd like to tick off "Find a mantra to easily get rid of body hair forever". Countless hours have been spent in general upkeep. Creamy, smooth legs sticking out from under the shortest boyfriend shorts are the ONIDA of Korean and Chinese damsels. Makes me go green with envy. I comfort myself with the fact that winter is just around the corner. Out will come all my beautiful woollens, figure flaunting skinny jeans, scarves and coats and feeling like a gorilla will actually be a blessing. 

Other half ticked items 
  • Maintain weight - A toughie!! Just about everyone claims a 10kg weight gain is inevitable once you move to New Zealand. Ironically, the husband, who worked on the butt the whole week now walks a bit to get to work and back, has lost a couple of kilos. I, on the other hand, devour cupcakes, which I can't stop baking, and then find every possible way to burn off the extra calories. Dance a little here,  do a little jig there aka  Jumba (Jo's Zumba) to the beat of dabang kuttu is a new fill in activity.
  • Build more muscle so that I can open a bottle of jam or pasta sauce without having to run to the husband
Some things already on the bucket list may be 
  • Open a cafe
  • Show mortgages the finger
  • Backpack across the world
  • Outdoor camping trip - may soon be the next item to be ticked off! Glee!

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