Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My take on Chennai Express

So as a true SRK fan, I made it to the theatre to watch Chennai Express. I did not read any of the reviews except for the fact that King Khan had made it to the 100 crore bandwagon.

Except for a few minutes here and there, I could not stop laughing throughout the movie. The movie has scenes pulled in from various south as well as bollywood films but does not get messy. Yes, you should leave your reasoning at home when you decide to visit the theatre for this one. Deepika has done quite a good job and looks stunning in those designer South Indian Pavadae Daavani outfits. SRK's overacting does come through in some scenes but may be cause he knows he is redoing a scene from another movie. 

Chennai Express is a must watch for folks who have enjoyed SuperStar Rajinikanth's films as well as SRK's DDLJ, MNIK, KKHH, etcetera. Such are the folks who will be able to truly appreciate what Rohit Shetty has done. It is a complete masala entertainer and I don't for once consider it a time waste. There are times when I go to watch a movie where I don't need to use my brains as my brains are always at work when I am working. This did just that.


  1. You did not find the second half a bit of a drag?

    1. Well, there were drag bits throughout the movie. I sat through it only cause it was SRK.

  2. SRK haters are busy giving illogical reasons for CE succes. a common man like me can not digest the fact that srk is so big that he can buy all reputed and big media houses to manipulate boxoffice collections in srks favour, he can buy all the tickets to make his move super hit but he cannot buy small time critics who penned down his movie. all haters are looking fool infornt of common man who made this movie all time blockbuster.


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