Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review of Benjarong, Bengaluru

On my way to Fame Lido mall, I had seen this huge ad for the Fish Festival that's on at Benjarong. I just let it slip my mind cause I knew it would be one of those fancy and pricey places. However, they did advertise in the newspaper when it caught hubby's eyes and now, which mallu does not love his fish? He immediately made plans for our weekend. I did not want to spoil his excitement.

So all set, the Sunday was planned. 11am to the Frazer Times Fair and following that to Benjarong. We were unable to make a reservation as their landline number was "switched off". The Frazer Times Fair was an absolute treat and left a big gaping hole in my pocket. It showcased all women entrepreneurs with their ever loving faithful husbands around them for support and to look after the little ones. It was so cute. I was truly touched. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, we did get a table for two at Benjarong. The ladies looked pretty and graceful in skirts similar to that in the Kira, the national dress of Bhutan. The waiters were very well educated and groomed. We were served a complimentary starter - a traditional thai dish Mian Khum. It is a traditional leaf wrapped salad. We were served lettuce leaves with it and it was an absolute treat with palm sugar jaggery syrup, roasted peanuts, fresh ginger and lime, amongst other ingredients.

We then had a longish wait for our actual starter - the seafood platter. This costs 1.5k including crab, prawns, mussels. It was not that great. The menu does indicate that it is spicy but it was not one bit spicy. I guess we need to indicate the level of spice desired. In fact, just as we walked in there was a very kind gentleman who indicated to us that we'd need to indicate that we'd not like the food too spicy. Since we wanted the food spicy, we did not suggest any changes.

Next was our main which was thai fried rice with prawns curry. When the dish came in, it looked spectacular - the rice was wrapped in a thin omelette. Unfortunately, looks did not live up to the taste. It tasted bland contrary to what was stated on the menu. 

Then we had dessert which was water chestnut in chilled coconut milk. Well, this was an absolute delight. A light dessert after so much eating. 

Overall, it was an average experience but very expensive.

 My tips:
  1. Avoid the terrace seats - your food welcomes the flies.
  2. It costs about 4k for 2 persons for a 3 course meal + complimentary starter, including a drink each. The portions are modest.
  3. Visit the place in the night as I think you could get a romantic candlelight dinner.

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