Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stray dog menace in Bangalore

I hate to give my post this title but I am left with no other choice, with the number of people who actually put it that way. I just don't get why they call dogs a menace? What makes us humans so superior and more important that instead of actually controlling our population we go around controlling the number of stray dogs on our streets? Just because a few of the dogs get ferocious and infected with rabies, it does not mean that all the dogs out there need to be put to sleep. To me, in a very humorous manner, it's like saying, since a few humans are causing terror, planting bombs, going on shooting sprees, let's kill all human beings. Duh!! I mean, come on. Some are calling it "people's welfare". Excuse me, have you ever thought that there could be something like "dog's welfare" too?
I do know how it feels to be surrounded by dogs chasing your two wheeler or having a bunch of them come charging at you when you are alone - believe me.. I am terrified too... like crazy but that would never get me to agree to the suggestion that all strays be killed.
May be some better involved measures need to be taken. All of us who don't find the dogs a menace and those who unfortunately do, should unite and help the authorities to do what best they are doing. We need to report incidents of ferocious dogs or dogs which may be infected and make sure that they are isolated. Any other way, other than killing all the strays out there?