Saturday, June 19, 2010

Outdated!! Am I?

Well, if you have been reading my blog, you will know that Pras and I are now the proud owners of a second hand alto. (It's actually funny that now I can't stop saying hubby or husband rather than Pras/Prashanth) Since Pras does not have hands on driving experience, we've been going on short drives near our house so that he gets a hold of changing the gears, managing the clutch and accelerator with his feet as well as handling the steering wheel all at once. Last weekend, after the lessons, we went to total mall. As we entered, I was asked to open up the boot and I said I did not know how to open up the boot - basically I thought it had to be done like in old M800s as that's the only car I have really driven around for most of my life so far and I was too lazy to get out and open it up. They let me in by checking via the back seat.
Today, after having had a minor accident - for which both of us are at fault - I shouted at Pras and he hit the HIGH foot path while taking reverse. Fortunately, nothing serious - a small tear in the mud flap :) - we went to fill petrol. I was asked to open the tank and I dutifully got off the car to open the tank with the key as in the cars I've known so far. Sadly, there was no keyhole :( I felt like a fool. The guy working at bunk called me to the driving seat and showed me where the control to open the fuel tank flap was available.
After these two incidents I feel like may be Aditya, my colleague, was right. May be I am really "outdated" (in his words). It is not a nice feeling..... :(


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