Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Smart yet innocent nephew ;)

My mom has this nailcutter from Indonesia - which for aesthetic reasons, has a cover. It is all baby pink in colour :P My mom had used it yesterday and left it on the bed. My nephew who loves jumping on the spring mattress[which is fairly new] in my mom's room, strolled into the room, found the nailcutter and played around with it. The cover fell off. My nephew, cute li'll thing, is totally scared that my mom would yell at him. He takes the cover to my mom, and tells her

"The hand broke it.. the hand did it Mini[he calls my mom Mini ;) ].. Chi Chi hand"

P.S. Chi Chi - meaning bad or dirty.

As he was telling her this, he was hitting his hand with the other hand....

So so cute :) But I wonder if he is so smart as to say such a thing and get away or is it his innocence to not know that it is his own hand :)


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