Friday, August 21, 2009

Cruel humans

Well, the past week has been quite hectic. I have been getting home after 5:45pm, leaving home at 7:15am and cooking dinner for hubby dearest. Well, this may not sound like much, but it does especially after a tiring journey back from Ernakulam. So, on Tuesday evening, after completing all my chores, I sat down to watch television with Pras. Pras put on National Geographic and there was this really beautiful scene of colourful crabs, red, yellow and orange, crossing a road somewhere in Austrailia. A "wow" just escaped both our mouths when they showed a car just run over the poor things. How cruel can the videographer be to take a video of this and not to anything about it? The poor crabs are water beings, so they go to the water to mate and this is the fate we humans put them through. On the funny side, the car tires do have numerous punctures and the crabs which don't get crushed, do end up eating the remains of the crushed crabs :) Well, the humans do deserve the breakdowns, don't they?

The next scene was more horrific. They showed some very pretty birds building nests. The birds are allowed to mate and lay eggs and then boom!!! Some human being blasts a bomb below the tree on which these birds have built their nests, setting the tree and the nests on fire. All this, to control the population of the birds so that the crops are saved and enough is harvested to provide for human beings. Grr...

I agree we human beings are smarter than most living things today but why you this to our own advantage and commit such grevious crimes towards other living beings? Can we not use stringent measures to control our population so that all beings can survive? Why is it that human population is allowed to explode whereas the poor birds are killed.
Human beings are very cruel and I would not like to add one more to this mess. I am so thankful that I married Prashanth, who from day one has only talked about adopting a kid. Hence, we shall adopt a kid and try to make him/her a better person and give him/her a better life. But I will not add one more to the misery.

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