Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Married...

People told me that my wedding was gonna be real simple and quick. I was real cool about the whole thing hearing all of that. I did not care much for the type of saree that I chose - some materials are easily wearable. I was in complete shock when I got to the temple that morning. I was already sick and my make-up was all messed up. Mom and I had done a rehearsal earlier but at that moment, she got tense and started shivering. Me, being a real pro :-p, took over and did a fantabulous job[people who know me will know better]. There was a huge crowd. Many brides and bridegrooms with their fan following ;) I was still cool cause I had heard of a token system. Well, there we had to buy the token but that did not apply for that time window since there were too many couples to be married off. How stupid!!! Should the token system not apply especially at this time? Well, I was pulled and pushed near the mandap... sweating profusely in the heat.. The worst was when a fat man wanted to get out of the enclosure. I ended up climbing the stairs to the mandap with my bindi fallen off and my blouse falling off of my shoulder cause some imbicile caught on to my saree palav and would not let go until my father-in-law pushed and freed it for me. Once in the mandap, it was a cool ride... real smooth and quick. I really liked the fact that Prashanth and I could talk to each other and just be ourselves. There were qualms or glaring eyes or some dumb rules to be followed..... Once married, Prashanth held my shoulder and kept rushing me to eat lunch. I could not talk to everyone who had come for the wedding. No time to even click a snap with everyone who came. Purna has been pestering me for a snap of his!!! I am real sorry guys. I never knew things would be so rushed. But, I am so so glad that I am finally married to "MY PRASHANTH BHASKARAN".... :)

Well, but things are a bit different after marriage. It is not just Pras and me, it is Pras and his family and me and my family. But, it has been a very nice experience and I am looking forward to a long and happily married life. I do know that there will be the occasional sadness but why think about that now?